Our Mission

We are the national 3rd party 60-minute delivery service in Canada. Our mission is to stay on top. We have set the bar high, and our standards are even higher.

With a team that is constantly growing, and our innovative technology, we can manage a tremendous volume of orders while giving our customers exceptional service.

Our Team
Our Team Members
  • Randy Rolph, Founder/Operator
  • Annie Deguire, Founder
  • Mike Sax, National Finance Manager
  • 8 Dispatchers
  • 7 Customer Care
  • 3 City Managers
  • 2 Driver Hiring Manager
  • 1 Fleet Manager
  • 600 Contract Drivers
Our Offer
  • With proper volume, we can open a new city within 2 weeks
  • Complete infrastructure in place for last mile 60 minutes delivery
  • One of the best technologies for real time built in-house
  • The best delivery and dispatching teams in Canada
  • The largest same-day, 60 minute delivery company in Canada with a proven track record
  • Real time tracking for clients, restaurants and businesses
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Our Market

A few of our main cities


Company History

Here's our path to success

Our company was founded in the province of Qu├ębec under the name of MenuExpress. We specialized in the delivery for hundreds of restaurants. We were one of the first delivery companies to offer real-time tracking.
In 2013, we expanded to Montreal.
2014Birth of DD
In January 2014, MenuExpress portal and database was bought by Just-Eat Canada and we became DeliveryDirect. Just-Eat brought DeliveryDirect to Toronto in June 2014 due to our advanced technology and performant delivery dispatching team.
2015Across Canada
In the second half of 2015, we launched in Ottawa, Calgary, Vancouver and many other cities across Canada.
NowWe took the lead
Our desire of success made of us the national leader in 60 minutes delivery.